Igniting Innovation: Bluechip Technologies Unveils the Future in Uganda!

Be a part of history as we unveil our innovative solutions and services in Uganda's tech landscape

April 11th 2024 , 8:00 AM

Serena Hotel, Katonga Hall

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About The Launch

Catch the Spark: Be a part of Bluechip Technologies Limited's historic launch in Uganda as we ignite innovation and revolutionize the tech scene! Join us on April 11th, 2024, for an unforgettable grand opening event showcasing cutting-edge solutions and services that will shape the future of technology in Uganda. Don't miss your chance to witness the birth of a new era in tech excellence!

Attendance is strictly by Registration

Who Should Attend ?

Why Attend ?

Tech Enthusiasts: Individuals passionate about technology and innovation who want to stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in the industry.

Business Leaders: Executives, CEOs, and decision-makers interested in exploring new business opportunities, partnerships, and collaborations within the tech sector.

Entrepreneurs: Start-up founders and entrepreneurs seeking inspiration, mentorship, and potential investment opportunities to grow their ventures

AI and Machine Learning Enthusias: Aspiring professionals and academic researchers looking to gain insights into emerging technologies, career paths, and educational opportunities within the tech field.

Industry Professionals: IT professionals, engineers, developers, and specialists eager to expand their knowledge, network with peers, and explore potential career advancements.

Highlights of the Launch


Keynote Address

Join us for an inspiring keynote address by Olumide Soyombo, Co - Founder of Bluechip Technologies Limited, as he shares insights into the latest innovations, trends, and opportunities in the tech industry. Discover how technology is shaping the future of businesses, communities, and beyond, and gain valuable perspectives to fuel your own journey towards success.


Technical Workshops

Elevate your technical skills and expertise with hands-on workshops led by industry experts and seasoned practitioners. Choose from a variety of topics spanning software development, cloud computing, data analytics, and more, and gain practical insights, tips, and techniques to excel in your field.


Panel Discussions

Engage in dynamic panel discussions featuring industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators as they delve into the pressing challenges and promising opportunities in today's tech landscape. From AI and cybersecurity to digital transformation and sustainability, explore diverse perspectives and actionable strategies to drive innovation and growth in your organization.


Networking Opportunities

Network with fellow attendees, industry peers, and potential collaborators during dedicated networking sessions designed to foster meaningful connections and collaborations. Share ideas, exchange contacts, and explore partnership opportunities that could shape the future of your business or career.


Case Studies

Dive deep into real-world case studies showcasing how Bluechip Technologies Limited's innovative solutions have transformed businesses across industries. From enhancing operational efficiency and customer experiences to driving revenue growth and competitive advantage, learn from practical examples and success stories that demonstrate the power of technology to drive meaningful change.


Exhibition Hall

Immerse yourself in a showcase of cutting-edge technologies, solutions, and services at the Exhibition Hall. Visit booths hosted by Bluechip Technologies Limited and our partners to discover the latest products, demos, and innovations driving the future of tech. Engage with experts, ask questions, and experience firsthand the transformative power of technology in action.

Event Agenda

Bluechip Technologies Limited is thrilled to announce the grand opening of our newest branch in Uganda. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to witness cutting-edge technology solutions, network with industry leaders, and explore exciting career opportunities.



Keynote Address

The Bluechip Story

Becoming an Innovation Leader with Bluechip Technologies

Building a Future Ready Business: Navigating Digital Transformation Challenges and Opportunities

Unveiling Tomorrow: Bluechip Technologies- Launch Ceremony

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to witness cutting-edge technology solutions, network with industry leaders, and explore exciting career opportunities. Register now to reserve your spot!


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